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Dakota Johnson: Celebrity Diet and Exercise Routine

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I recently watched the movie How To Be Single and thought “Wow, who is that girl?” I’ve never read the Fifty Shades of Grey books, and had no desire to watch the movies, so I’ve remained oblivious to Dakota Johnson up until now. It was not until I found out that her mother was Melanie Griffith that I began to see the similarities. One thing that struck me about Dakota herself was her lean body with just the hint of muscle. I was curious to know whether she was one of those lucky girls who is just naturally skinny, or if she did some cardio to achieve those results.


The first thing I learned about Dakota Johnson is that she looks cold-pressed raw juices. She developed the habit while working in Vancouver, Canada and has kept sipping on them throughout the day even after she returned to Los Angeles. She never does crazy cleanses. It is solely a means of adding more nutrients to her diet. Her favourite drink has apple, lemon, and ginger in it.

Exercise Routine

Dakota admits that she never used to have an exercise routine before the Fifty Shades of Grey movies but that she wanted to look good on screen and became somewhat addicted:  “It kind of feels f**king awesome.” Dakota’s favourite form of exercise is running and she worked out with a personal trainer before the Fifty Shades movies were shot. She also sometimes does Pilates to tone her body and ease stress. She does everything from mat work to the reformer machines. Her favourite place do do Pilates is at Windsor Pilates.


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