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2017: The Year You Arrive At Your Best Weight

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Let’s face it, 2016 wasn’t the best year for most people. Even though good things happened (friends got married or had their first child) most people would say that, overall, 2016 took more from us than it gave us. In times of stress, many people are prone to eat, so it is likely that one of the things that 2016 gave you was a heftier waistline. If that is the case, then put 2016 in the past and focus on 2017. This can be the year where you arrive at your best weight. Your best weight does not necessarily mean rocking super skinny jeans. Your best weight is the weight where you feel your healthiest without having to kill yourself on the treadmill to achieve it. It is probably not too too far off the weight you are now, unless your BMI is in the obese or super obese range.

Start by looking at a BMI chart and thinking about what your ideal weight would be. Where does that weight fall on the chart? Is your ideal weight realistic or is it quite low in terms of the average BMI for your height? Now think back to the last time you felt athletic. What did the scale say that morning? Is that an achievable weight for you to get back to and maintain?

This distinction between your ideal weight (the weight you would love to be if it were easy) and your best weight (the healthiest weight for your body) is a hard one to wrap your head around. Most of us would love to be model skinny effortlessly, but most models themselves are a) naturally on the skinny side and b) have to work out and eat specific diets to maintain that shape. That weight is achievable for them (whether it is healthy or not) but it may not be achievable for you and chances are that it would not be healthy for you to get down to that weight.

2017 could be your year to embrace your body as it is and get it to the point where it is at its healthiest. If you are completely sedentary right now, then try taking one 20 minute walk a day at a moderate pace. If you do some exercise, then try bumping it up and add some strength training. If you have been strength training with 5 pound weights, then bump it up to 7 pound weights and see how that feels. Can you still do the same exercises with proper form?

Do whatever you need to do to get more athletic this year and your body will respond. It may not instantly shrink down to supermodel proportions, but if you have stopped making that a goal and have made getting healthy your number one priority, then you will be overjoyed to see new muscles develop. You may not get six-pack abs, but every plank you do will help strengthen your back and core making you a stronger person inside and out.

Let 2017 be a year of improvement and self love and I practically guarantee that you’ll feel better in January 2018.


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