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Celebrity Diet and Exercise Routine: January Jones

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January Jones has openly suffered with depression at various times in her life and credits a healthy lifestyle including daily exercise and a clean diet for restoring her to health.

January Jones’ Exercise Routine

January JonesDuring her time on Mad Men January was actually encouraged not to work out too much because women in the 1960s would have had softer bodies so she had to focus on her diet to maintain her figure.

However, right after Mad Men she began training for the X-Men movie where she played the character of Emma Frost. This required her to do some weight training and a lot of bodyweight exercises so she would have muscle tone in her upper body. Some of the exercises she did were push-ups on a stability ball, rowing with exercise bands, and dumbbell curls.

January now goes to the gym three to five days a week. A lot of her focus is on strength training with light weights to create lean muscles. She switches up her workouts to keep her body guessing. Some of her favorite workouts include working out with a stability ball, swimming, hiking, and running.

January Jones’ Diet

January eats a lot of vitamin rich foods that are loaded with minerals and nutrients. When she does eat foods that are less than healthy, she does so in moderation. Some of her favorite cheat meals are burgers, pizza, fries, and strawberry shakes. When she has been criticized for being too thin (as she was in 2009) she has assured people that she eats well saying, “I’m from South Dakota, so meat, potatoes, carbs.”

Unfortunately, January has sometimes taken extreme measures to change her body for a role. This is something many women fall for in the quest to be thin, but when a celebrity does it it gains a lot of publicity and encourages other women to try it to. For January Jones it was a juice diet to lose weight for the role of Emma Frost. It worked short-term (she dropped 2 dress sizes), as those kinds of diets often do, but is extremely unhealthy long-term. January called the process “a challenge” and said “in the comic [the outfit is] pretty much painted on and she has quite an unrealistic body.”


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