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Book Review: Tracy Anderson’s “30-Day Method”

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tracy andersonIf you’ve seen a recent picture of Gweneth Paltrow then I probably do not need to sell you on Tracy Anderson’s fitness program. In fact, you’ve probably already gone out and bought this book. Gweneth, whatever else you may think of her and her lifestyle blog, looks better than ever and she constantly sings the praises of Tracy Anderson for a reason.

Tracy Anderson grew up with a ballet background before gaining some weight and making it her mission to see if it was possible to truly transform your body shape. She seems to have found the solution to a trim, ballerina-physique. It does involve a lot of crazy looking moves as seen in this workout video, however the results are hard to deny.

This book is part memoir (chapters on her struggle to be slim and how the method was developed) and part instructional manual (step by step instructions for the moves seen in her videos). It is definitely worth a read, but I think watching her videos on youtube (or buying her DVDs) is also worth the time and expense. I’m going to admit that her moves took me out of my fitness comfort zone. I felt completely uncoordinated the first few times I did her videos. She moves incredibly quickly. However, I’m starting to grow to love it. I definitely feel the work after each session and who doesn’t want that perfect, lean ballet-body even if it takes looking goofy to get there.

Grade: A


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