Tone Up, Toronto!

Day 223: Tricep Dips

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Photo Credit: Boemski

Photo Credit: Boemski

Triceps are notorious for being the hardest muscles of your arm to train. However, toned triceps make your entire arm appear slimmer and reduce the “bat wings” effect that can happen as the skin of our upper arms loosens as we age. Tricep dips are pretty much unavoidable so you might as well make friends with them. I tend to do mine leaning back with my hands against the side of the bathtub (because I know that is a nice stable surface, unlike a chair that can move when you least expect it) but you can do them leaning back against a bench, counter, or any other stable surface. In this modification, you will learn how to do tricep dips without a piece of furniture to lean back against.

How To Do It:

  1. From a seated position push up on your hands and feet so that you bum is about a foot off the ground (i.e. not a full table top position). The fingers of your hands should be pointed down towards your toes and your arms should be straight.
  2. Bend your arms until your bum is just a few inches about the ground. Hold for a count of two and then slowly push back up.
  3. Repeat 15-20 times as many times today as possible.

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