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Celebrity Diet and Exercise Routine: Cindy Crawford

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Photo Credit: UW Health

Photo Credit: UW Health

Cindy Crawford still looks fabulous. The unaltered photo that made the rounds last month showed  that nobody is perfect but that women in their late 40s can look good without airbrushing (provided they have good genes and are committed to exercising regularly and eating well). That photo motivated me to pull out my old VHS copy of one of her workout tapes and find a VCR that would play it: I’d be thrilled to look half as good as Cindy Crawford when I’m in my late 40s. Though many will argue that her good genes play a large roll in how she looks, those old work out tapes show that she is not afraid of putting in some hard work to get her body in shape.

Cindy Crawford’s Exercise Routine:

Cindy works out with her trainer, Sarah Hagaman, three mornings a week without fail. [1] They focus on squats and lunges and do a lot of circuit training. [2] Running stairs is an example of some of the cardio that she does,  but she and her trainer like to switch up the cardio that they do to keep her muscles guessing (so that they don’t get used to one repetitive exercise). [3] Cindy likes to supplement her workouts with hikes, especially with her husband or a friend. [4]

Cindy Crawford’s Diet:

Cindy Crawford recently told Into The Gloss, “On a typical weekday, I usually have a protein shake for breakfast because it’s fast—I need to get the kids out the door—and then I go right to work out. I find that sometimes if you eat you have to take extra time to let it settle. And then for lunch, I’ll have salad, sometimes with chicken, sometimes without. For dinner, we’ll go for sushi. Or if we eat at home, I’ll try to make a meal like turkey meatballs with pasta, a salad, and a vegetable. I just don’t have the pasta, and the kids don’t have the vegetables or the salad [laughs]. I don’t like when my meals are completely different from their meals, but that works.” [5]

Cindy drinks a lot of water and green tea. [6] She recently had to cut down on coffee (which she used to love), especially on an empty stomach, because she was having stomach troubles, but admits to liking tequila: she says it “kills all the bugs. My husband enjoys having a cocktail, so I can’t make him drink alone.” [7]

She has also said, “Diet-wise, I don’t eat crap, and I don’t eat a lot of packaged foods,” she says. “I could easily be vegetarian, but it’s not practical with my family. I try to be 80 percent good 80 percent of the time.” [8]

Cindy Crawford On Fitness Motivation

Cindy Crawford told Shape Magazine, “I think having a scheduled appointment works for me. That way, I don’t really have to think about it. Regarding choosing to eat healthy, it’s getting easier and easier because I know how much better I feel when I do eat right. Certainly making sure you have yummy, healthy choices on hand makes it easier to make a good choice.” [9]


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