Tone Up, Toronto!

Day 212: Curtsy Lunge and Lifts


Photo Credit:  Brent Danley

Photo Credit: Brent Danley

This exercise tones your inner and outer thighs but it also strengthens your core. You can work up to using two 5 pound weights with this exercise or do it without.

How To Do It:

1. Stand upright with a 5 pound weight in each hand.

2. Step your left leg behind into a curtsy lunge behind your right leg. Your weight should be on your right leg and the toes of your left foot. Keep your front knee in line with your ankle.

3. Then stand back up and raise your left leg out to the side as you put all your weight on your right leg. Lift that left leg as high to the side as you can while standing up straight.

4. Do 30 of these with your left leg and then do 30 with your right leg. Try to do this as many times today as possible.


2 thoughts on “Day 212: Curtsy Lunge and Lifts

    • Agreed! 🙂

      Can you believe this snowstorm? I just went out and cleared two driveways and I’m about ready for a nap (vs. reality – where I have to go back to work). The only “bad” thing about being a freelancer who works from home is that today is not a snow day (for me) and is a snow day for all of my friends.

      Hope you are able to get out and enjoy the snow!

      – Kendall

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